• Q: Will Instapload include features like comment, like, share...etc in its future releases?

  • A: Instapload is an ongoing project. We will keep adding more features with each release. Some of our planned features include lots of options that are not available in the official Instagram application. Do you get notified when a followee have shared a new photo? Many awesome features will be uncovered soon!

  • Q: I have a problem getting things to work. The app doesn't work as advertised. What should be done?

  • A: All the features listed are well tested by our team and proven to work very well. In case there is a bug in our product, we would then appreciate if you could contact us and tell us about the issue. We will reply to you as soon as possible and work on solving the problem.

  • Q: Is there going to be an Android version?

  • A: There is a plan to port the Instapload to Android.

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